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CONDOLENCE_- CASSANDRA JARDINE: It is with great sadness that the Starehe fraternity received from Helen Varma of StareheFuture news   of the death on 28 May 2012 from lung cancer, of Cassandra Jardine.  We at Starehe will forever remember her as the instrumental person in the decision to choose...


KCSE Results 2011

The 29th of March saw the release of the 2011 KSCE results with all waiting anxiously to find out the performance of the self-proclaimed ‘comeback kids’ . They indeed did not disappoint and lived up to the title as they took the first step in restoring Starehe’s academic excellence, moving an incredible...


Special Events

SBC KEY DATES FOR TERM 2 2012  9th June, 2012                      : Starehe Girls Annual Fundraising Walk 7th – 10th June, 2012            : Kenya Music Festival (KMF - Zonal) 10TH June, 2012                   : Griffin Memorial Race Day (Ngong Racecourse)...


Sports Day 2012

SPORTS DAY Being one of the most anticipated events of the term in our school’s sports calendar, the sports day which was held on the 24th of March 2012 definitely lived up to its expectations. For the numerous participants the incessant practice sessions may have been tasking, but the day turned...


The World Meets Starehe

THE WORLD MEETS STAREHE. During this year’s Round Square International Conference that was hosted at Brook House International School, Starehe Boys’ Center got the opportunity to host various International schools in our modest grounds during the pre-conference tour. The center was able to exhibit...


April 2012 Holiday Jobs

THE VOLUNTARY SERVICE SCHEMEAPRIL HOLIDAY JOBS. With the closure of school in mid-April came a lot of sacrifice from several of our 2nd and 3rd year students who decided to partake the Voluntary Service Scheme, or as it is commonly referred to here in this our fine institution, Holiday Job.  The students...


Student Feature

THE STAREHE-UK APPEAL: IMPACTING LIVES AND SECURING STAREHE’S FUTURE. The journey into Starehe is a long and tough one for majority of the students who through thick and thin, struggle and toil hoping that among the thousands of applications that are received by the school annually for the form...


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Mission Statement
Starehe as a centre for bright needy boys, aims at offering homely support and a holistic education founded on strong principles of discipline, character formation and leadership development.

Vision Statement
To be a global centre of excellence in youth development, effectively providing leadership and academic skills geared towards promotion of a just and caring society that is founded on high moral standards.

Core Values
In line with the ideals of Round Square Schools of which Starehe is a member, our core values are;
  • Internationalism
  • Democracy
  • Environment
  • Adventure
  • Leadership
  • Service.

These values are practiced through the broad curriculum and co curricula activities offered in the centre by all students and staff.